Halcyon Dive Systems
ACB Fine-Tuning

ACB Fine-Tuning

If you are having problems fitting your weights in the ACB pocket, we suggest that you wet the pocket to allow the nylon to stretch as you load the pocket. Even if the weights fit the pocket when dry, we recommend that you wet the weight pouch when inserting weights for the same reason you should wet the nylon cam straps to hold your tanks– by making sure that the weights have a secure fit when the pocket is wet, you lessen the possibility that the weight could be dislodged during a dive.

Do I have to use an ACB integrated weight system, or can I use a weight belt?

The traditional weight belt works with any Halcyon BC system. However, for divers seeking maximum safety and efficiency in their gear configuration, the ACB Weight Pockets provide a sleek, low profile—and more comfortable—alternative to the standard weight belt. The 10-lb. ACB system features a unique design that eliminates the use of “all-or-nothing“ style weight releases. ACB users can remove one or both weight pockets for greater control or to ease boat entry. 

How is the integrated weight system attached to the Secure Harness?

To secure your Halcyon ACB to the 2” webbing of your Halcyon Secure Harness, the webbing must pass through the tri-glide twice. Starting with the left side ACB pocket (with the D-ring), looking from the side that rests against the diver’s body, route the waist belt webbing up through the first open slot on the tri-glide. Slide the ACB pocket along the 2” webbing until it is snug against the back plate. Then feed the webbing back down through the second slot of the tri-glide (where the thin mil-spec webbing secures the tri-glide to the ACB pocket). The waist belt webbing then slips easily into the “belt loop” channel stitched into the back (diver side) of the ACB pocket. Depending on the size of the diver and the desired position, some adjustment of the final ACB position may be required. 

How do I attach my Halcyon canister light when using an ACB system?

Slide your Halcyon Explorer or Proteus light onto the right side of the waist belt and against your Stainless Steel or hard-coated aluminum backplate. Your light canister will then be followed by the right-hand ACB pocket and affixed properly via the tri-glide and waist belt slot.