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Battery Packs and Run Time

Battery Packs and Run Time

Battery Packs and Run Time

Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Pack

Halcyon's Explorer lighting systems take advantage of the Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery technology, that emerged nearly thirty years ago, from research on the storage of hydrogen, for use as an alternative energy source. Several emerging battery technologies promise to offer even greater benefit, with increased energy density, resulting in more power with less size and weight. However, these new technologies are not without problems. Recent explosions, including injury to some divers, are a testament to the careful approach incumbent upon all responsible companies. Halcyon is and has been testing new battery technology for years. We do remain committed to providing a safe and reliable product, and will not release a new technology, until we are confident it represents a safe and compelling improvement over existing designs.

Key Features of Halcyon's Explorer Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Pack

  • 800 - 1000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Higher capacity: 50% greater energy density than their lead acid counterparts.
  • Environmentally green: NiMH batteries contain no cadmium, mercury, lead, or lithium, which has been proven to be a disaster in landfills.
  • No memory effect: unlike NiCd packs, NiMH batteries are not affected by battery memory effect and can be partially recharged and discharged at will without shortening the life of the battery.

The discharge behavior of the Explorer Nickel-Metal Hydride battery pack is well suited for underwater lighting applications. Halcyon's NiMH battery pack provides a stable voltage for extended periods of operations.

Battery PackSpecifications12-Watt LED21-Watt HID
4.5 Amp Hours 2.6” OD/11.63” L (6.6 cm OD / 29.5 cm L)
Weight: 4 lb. (1.8kg)
Buoyancy: -1.75 lb. (-.8 kg)
Full power: 4.5 hours
Half power: 9 hours
2 hours
9 Amp Hours 2.95” OD / 11.63” L (7.5 cm OD / 29.5 cm L)
Weight: 5.76 lb (2.6 kg)
Buoyancy: -2.8 lb (-1.3 kg)
Full power: 9 hours
Half power: 18 hours
4 hours
13.5 Amp Hours 3.68” OD / 11.63” L (9.3 cm OD / 29.5 cm L)
Weight: 7.75 lb (3.5 kg)
Buoyancy: -3.2 lb (-1.5 kg)
Full power: 13.5 hours
Half power: 27 hours
6 hours

Drysuit-Heater Battery Packs

Keeping warm on long dives and/or in cold water just got easier with Halcyon's drysuit-heater battery packs. Mate them with your favorite drysuit-heater vest, and you have a winning combination. Heater vest is not included, and battery run times will be based on chosen heater wattage.

Key Features:

  • Choice of NiMH battery pack in 9 or 13.5 amp hours
  • E/O connection on the lid
  • Explorer style canister with stabilized battery pack and Halcyon's exclusive dry lid design
  • Appropriate charger included