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BC Systems

Introducing The Halcyon Buoyancy Compensator

Our systems are so streamlined they practically dive themselves.

The Halcyon buoyancy compensator is our evolution of the BCD and is the most efficient diving system ever constructed. Our infinitely adjustable harness offers a precise fit while the carefully designed shape provides just the right amount of buoyancy along the length of your diving cylinder. 

Each Halcyon component is modular in nature, allowing you to adjust lift capacity or change from singles to doubles in a matter of minutes. Experience how our Halcyon BC promotes a more efficient, horizontal, in-water position. Customize your system with a range of integrated weighting options and enjoy optimal performance in all diving environments. 

An extreme amount of care goes into the design, testing, and production of each piece of Halcyon equipment. This attention to detail allows you to realize your greatest adventures while enjoying the effortless diving experience of your dreams. 

At Halcyon, we work hard so you don’t have to—come explore with us.