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Closed Circuit Rebreather BC

Closed Circuit Rebreather BC

Closed Circuit Rebreather BC

Explorer CCR-35

When the leading deep-wreck explorer Mike Barnette wanted a custom-designed rebreather wing, capable of meeting his rigorous needs, he turned to the only manufacturer with the requisite experience: Halcyon Manufacturing. Our in-house design and production capabilities are enhanced by nearly two decades of cutting-edge exploration experience. 
The earliest versions of the CCR-35 were designed for the Megalodon and the KISS rebreathers; however, subsequent field use has demonstrated this wing is ideal for most closed-circuit rebreathers utilizing inverted cylinders. 
A range of carefully engineered design features is sure to impress even hard-core CCR divers:

  • 35 pounds (16 kg) of carefully tailored buoyancy provide the right amount of lift in exactly the right places.
  • Standard 11-inch, on-center grommet holes provide easy attachment to most CCRs.
  • Limits lift behind diver’s head - lift near inverted valves supports horizontal trim and diver’s balance.
  • Offset inflator elbow supports easy access to the rebreather while keeping the inflator clear of the breathing loop.
  • Slotted wing allows supply hoses to route through the wing, keeping hoses streamlined and close to the body.
  • OPV is positioned to limit interference with open-circuit bailout bottles and to support easy venting.

The CCR-35 is CE certified.

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