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Dry Suit and Accessories

Dry Suit and Accessories

How do I attach my Halcyon pocket to my wet or dry suit?

Necessary Tools: chalk, small brush, small roller 
Recommended Adhesive: Contact the suit Manufacturer for correct type adhesive that can vary with suit material.

  • Don suit and hold pocket in desired location. (Recommended placement is on outer thigh to keep the pockets out of the flow.)
  • Use chalk to outline the desired location for pocket.
  • Remove suit and place on a hard, flat surface.
  • Apply first coat of Seal Cement around outer one-inch strip on both the suit and the pocket.
  • Allow the adhesive to get tacky for about ten minutes and then apply a second coat.
  • Allow the second coat to dry until tacky, again for about ten minutes, and then apply a third coat.
  • Again allow the adhesive to dry until tacky, about ten minutes.
  • Place the pocket on the suit in the exact location desired. (Make sure it’s correct since it will not move easily at this point.)
  • Use the roller to roll the pocket on the suit.
  • Allow the suit and pocket to dry for at least 24 hours before diving.
  • It is also recommended the pockets be sewn on.

How do I select my size of Halcyon Gaiters?

To size your gaiters, measure the largest diameter of the calf while wearing your undergarments and dry suit, then select which size will fit best. Gaiters stretch to accommodate most divers, so you can select a snugger or looser fit. 

Small: 12inch 
Medium: 14inch 
Large: 16inch 

How do I select a size for Halcyon Springheels?

Spring straps can also be sized quickly and simply. Wear your bootie (dry suit or wetsuit) and place the foot into the fin pocket. Measure the distance from pin to pin behind the heel to select the appropriate size. Typically, if you are between sizes, it’s best to go down a size, unless you are sensitive about a too-snug strap. Other sizing strategies suggested by our top dealers are available; please let us know if you’d like more details. 

Medium: 8inch 
Large: 10inch 
Extra Large: 12inch