Halcyon Dive Systems
Evolve or Explorer as Single Tank Wing

Evolve or Explorer as Single Tank Wing

I want to use my double-tank wing on a single tank. Can I use my double- and single-tank BCs interchangeably?

Halcyon BCs are carefully designed to minimize drag and maximize in-water stability. This superior function depends partly upon diving the appropriate-sized BC. For example, diving an Evolve double-tank BC on a single tank will be inefficient, reducing stability and increasing drag. This is because the BC is not sized for this application and will not fit the scuba unit properly. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all idea is common in the industry, leading divers to devalue a proper fit. BC systems that are oversized are significantly inferior in function to those that are sized properly. 

BC sizing relates to using the appropriate BC (single or double tank) and also to using the proper amount of lift required. Single-tank divers requiring very little lift (such as those diving warm water) do not require large BCs with high lift capacity. A large air cell causes gas in the wing to shift dramatically, leaving the diver struggling to regain stability instead of relaxing to enjoy the dive. Using the right tool for the job allows divers to enjoy their time below the surface. As one’s comfort level increases and the stress of struggling with awkward equipment is reduced, you will find properly fitted dive gear should “disappear,” leaving you to enjoy your time in the water.

What is the difference between the Evolve and Explorer wing?


The proven Explorer series wing provides an ideal choice for divers seeking a traditional horseshoe-shaped doubles wing. The rugged, RF-welded nylon/urethane air cell is protected by an exterior ballistic nylon cover and offers the utmost in performance and reliability. The union of these two materials produces a very supple wing with excellent abrasion resistance for the outside shell and excellent puncture protection for the interior bladder. The industry-leading Explorer wing has a range of exploration-proven design features:

  • Stainless Steel grommets set in re-enforced central spine webbing
  • Protected access zipper
  • Internal zipper guard flap
  • Hidden water drains
  • Strain relief/flex limiter at corrugated hose elbow

Explorer wings are available in 40- and 55-lb. lift capacities for optimal performance when matched with the appropriate cylinders. 


The Halcyon Evolve is based on the successful circular air cell popularized by Halcyon Eclipse BCs. The Evolve’s shape is the culmination of a rigorous three-year testing period during which Halcyon tested a range of design iterations. The Evolve features the same proven materials and construction available in the time-tested Explorer BC systems. In addition to eliminating the potential for gas trapping on one side of the air cell, the circular design provides trim-enhancing lift at the base of the cylinders. In addition to precise diver control, the Evolve presents a lower profile due to the even distribution of the lift gas throughout the air cell. While using the Evolve, divers can enjoy the following features:

  • Enhanced stability
  • Refined buoyancy control; gas is easily vented from nearly any position.
  • Enhanced diver control
  • Lower profile (even with larger lift capacities)
  • Central, protected zipper for air cell access; zipper is not exposed to incidental wear.

The Evolve series wings are available in 40- and 60-lb. lift capacities for optimal performance when matched with the appropriate cylinders.