Halcyon Dive Systems



Properly configured regulators support diving comfort and safety for both primary and stage/deco tanks. Halcyon offers a range of custom hoses to outfit single or double tanks and stage bottles.

  • Custom-cut hoses to fit any application available through special order

Low Pressure Hoses

  • Primary regulator hose available in 5-ft. (152-cm) or 7-ft. (213-cm)
  • Secondary regulator hose available in 22-in. (55-cm) or 24-in. (61-cm)
  • Stage bottle primary hose available in 40-in. (101-cm)
  • Low pressure inflator hose available in 22-in. (55-cm), 24-in. (61-cm) or 30-in. (76-cm)

High Pressure Hoses

  • SPG hose available 24-in. (61-cm) or 26-in. (66-cm)
  • Stage SPG hose available in 6-in. (15-cm)