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Lighting Systems

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Lighting Systems

Halcyon offers a primary light for every occasion. Whether you are a recreational diver or a technical explorer, we have high-quality, underwater lighting to support your diving goals. Your idea of a perfect dive may involve lighting up a coral reef during a favorite night dive, or finding a previously undiscovered wreck that may fulfill your aspirations. Halcyon’s broad range of products supports the enthusiast and professional with the best possible value.

All Halcyon Primary Lights come standard with the following:

  • Polymer sealing glands and fittings
  • Strain-relief fittings on the cords
  • Larger diameter, hands-free Goodman handle; easy to use with dry gloves
  • Stainless Steel locking latches
  • Lifetime warranty on canister
  • Depth rated to 300 ft / 90m

Choose from our Explorer or Eos line of primary lighting. The Explorer line offers our latest exploration grade light with reinforced NiMH battery packs. The Eos series offers Halcyon quality at a lower entry price and features an LED light head.

Halcyon's Technical Services also offers an Annual Light Service Program for existing Halcyon primary light owners.