Halcyon Dive Systems
Rebreather Standard Features

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Halcyon’s extremely intuitive and reliable, patented RB80™ operating system eliminates distractions and reduces failures that can mean the difference between a mission’s success or failure. The Halcyon rebreather supplies breathing gas as required by the diver’s respiratory rate, providing less oxygen variation, and better predictability. Gas replenishment is mechanically triggered by the diver’s breathing cycle, so that a compromise in supply is obvious and immediate. This mechanical system is less prone to failure, and easier to operate as compared to complex, electronically controlled rebreathers.

Halcyon RB80 Standard Features

  • 5.6lbs (2.54kg) scrubber provides approximately eight hours of usage
  • 8:1 ratio provides substantial gas extension
  • Patent-pending water removal system automatically vents water from loop
  • Semi-closed operation eliminates the risk of unit-induced oxygen toxicity
  • Unique design allows full access to on-board gas supply in either semi-closed circuit or open circuit modes for maximum safety and flexibility