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We know that when some people hear Halcyon, they think, Tech diving. Extreme exploration might be the most recognizable component of our history, but building amazing recreational dive gear has been part of our goal from the beginning. We’ve always thought that if the most demanding exploratory diving fosters the use of a clean gear configuration, recreational open water divers would benefit just as much (if not more) from the reduction in the amount of gear they carry. Our dedication to recreational diving goes beyond BC design. From the first days of the company, Halcyon has been focused on diver safety by promoting the use of surface marker devices.

Whether you are getting ready for your first dive or your 500th, Halcyon has an open water configuration that will improve the quality of your time underwater.

Building a Halcyon Recreational Kit

Buoyancy Compensation

The BC System starts with the choice of buoyancy compensator wing: for single-tank diving, the Eclipse is a low-profile, exploration-grade wing that leaves all other single tank designs in its shadow.

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Each wing style and size is matched with the Secure Harness System, providing divers with a customized,streamlined buoyancy system across a range of diving environments. From the solid foundation of the backplate/harness/wing, you can further fine tune your BC System by selecting from a wide array of weighting options. Choose from a stainless steel or aluminum backplate and add ACB Weight Pockets, or Trim Weights to perfectly balance your diving configuration.

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Lift and Alert Markers

Halcyon has, for the last 20 years, promoted the use of diver alert markers for all divers. From the smallest Halcyon marker to the six foot-tall Super Big DAM, we have created a series of alert markers that can easily be stowed during a dive but still provide you with a way to be noticed on the surface should the need arise.

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Chalk it up to one too many stories about divers lost to currents in the Gulf Stream or off of Cozumel, but Halcyon firmly advocates that alternate surface lift devices should be part of anyone’s contingency plan if you are considering a drift dive. Having an alert marker during your dive can mean the difference between an inconvenience and a very bad day (and possibly night) should you be separated from your boat.

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Lights are not just for cave and wreck divers—every open water diver can benefit from carrying a canister light during a dive. If you have never used one in the open water, you’ll be surprised how quickly you come to rely on your light. During a typical reef dive, you’ll find that it is the quickest way to communicate with your dive buddies when you want them to catch a glimpse of the school of pompano or look under a ledge at the biggest lobster you’ve ever seen. Reef colors pop out when painted with a Halcyon HID or LED light, and, as the tangle of kelp chokes out the sunlight, even an LED Scout light will make that sun starfish shine as bright as its namesake.

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If your diving includes either video or digital still photography, Halcyon Apollo Lighting Systems will bring out the best from your camera and housing. 

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Dive Essentials

No matter what kind of diving you do, you need a mask. And you don’t know how useful a Diver’s Notebook is until you’ve forgotten how many different kinds of blennies you just saw by the time you get back to the boat. You’d probably be surprised by the variety of diving tools and hardware Halcyon makes that will add to your everyday diving enjoyment. 

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