Halcyon Dive Systems
Selecting Utility Pockets for Your Dive System

Selecting Utility Pockets for Your Dive System

We often receive email from divers excited about their upcoming diving adventures. Some of these divers want to know the best way to store a variety of Halcyon accessories without negatively affecting the performance of their Halcyon system. Halcyon offers several carefully considered methods for storing diving accessories. 

Halcyon Right-hand Zipper Pocket

The right-hand pocket provides an ideal storage compartment; divers breathing a long-hose primary also enjoy this pocket as a convenient place to secure the long hose. Designed to provide stowage for spools, surface markers, and other incidentals, this semi-rigid pocket mounts on the right side of the waist belt. Although both the right-hand zipper pocket and the ACB pocket allow for the addition of a canister light, they do occupy space on the waist belt. Some divers will find it difficult to mount a pocket and ACB or light to the same location. 

Suit-mounted Pockets

Many divers prefer to add additional storage to the dive suit. Halcyon offers two sizes of Bellow pockets that can be sewn or glued to the side of the diver’s thigh. The pockets come in a Standard or Exploration (BAP) size. Both pockets possess a range of features, including:

  • Internal divider for stowing the Halcyon Diver’s Notebook
  • Large compartment for spare parts, double enders, line arrow,s etc.
  • Rapid-drain mesh lining for easy venting
  • Flexible loops to secure stowed items
  • Pocket flap with built-in accessory pocket

The BAP Exploration pocket maintains 186 cubic inches of space by adding an inch (1”) of width and 1/2”of depth over the Halcyon Standard Bellows Pocket.