Halcyon Dive Systems


The following sections will help you to troubleshoot your Halcyon dive gear. If you experience any issues with your Halcyon gear, we encourage you to contact your authorized Halcyon dealer, or Halcyon‘s Tech Services department with your questions. Unauthorized modifications, repairs, negligence, accidental damage, commercial use, or abuse are not covered by the warranty. 

Customer Testimonial

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the Cordura shell on my eight year old Explorer wing was wearing out. It had about 800 dives on it. The seams were separating, the OPV area was worn through, allowing the bladder to peek out, etc. I mentioned it to a Halcyon rep, who said it could be repaired. So I sent it to Halcyon with a note about how much I liked my wing. Less than a week later, I had my wing back, in like-new condition, and the cost was eminently reasonable. More than reasonable; I almost felt like I was stealing. Well, in summation, if I need it, and Halcyon makes it, that's where I'll get it from now on.
Thanks, Halcyon!

-Chris McKenna

I am writing to say a million thanks for living up to your guarantee and giving me back the pleasure of this lovely wing.

I was recommended the wing by a UK Navy diver who swore by you, and then I went on a 7-month round-the-world diving trip and decided this compact lightweight wing seemed ideal. I became a much, much better diver than ever before, and spending this much time in the water and with the unfailing wing it became part of that whole experience.  

Thank you and your team for being so fantastic.

-Saeed Butts