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Technical Diving

Technical Diving

with Halcyon Dive Systems

Halcyon began as a group of divers who knew exactly what they wanted but couldn’t find it in any dive store. Our passion for diving gave birth to this company. We started designing wings and lights to satisfy ourselves, but soon discovered that we were not alone in our pursuit of equipment that could stand up to deep wreck and extended cave diving.

Much of Halcyon’s early reputation was earned through the hard work of underwater exploration in Florida, Europe, and Mexico. In those early days, Halcyon product meetings were driven by the desire to go where no person had gone before; today, this same ethos guides our quest for perfection and an appreciation for the idea that simple things work more efficiently.

Regardless of your experience or your preferred diving environment, Halcyon has a technical configuration that will improve the quality of your time underwater.

Building a Halcyon Technical Configuration

Buoyancy Compensation

Deciding which Halcyon technical BC System best fits your circumstances involves choosing the size and style of your buoyancy compensator: for double-tank diving, Halcyon offers the circular-bladder Evolve series of wings and the traditional “horseshoe” design of the Explorer series. Whether you are diving double steel tanks in a cave or double aluminum cylinders in the ocean, Halcyon makes a wing for every environment.

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Technical divers generally utilize non-releasable ballast more than recreational divers, so weighting options tend to be more restricted. Halcyon offers its backplate for the BC System in both stainless steel and aluminum to match the buoyancy characteristics of your tanks. V-weight pouchess, to be fitted between cylinders, are available to add up to 8 pounds. ACB quick-release weights are also available for those seeking detachable ballast.

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Lift and Alert Markers

From the smallest Halcyon dive marker to the six foot-tall Super Big DAM, we have created a series of alert markers that can easily be stowed during a dive but still provide you with a way to be noticed on the surface should the need arise. We offer a range of both Alert Markers and lift bags with a closed-circuit design, perfect for shooting from depth during decompression in the ocean.

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Diving on a wreck? You need a reel. Cave diver? You’ll need a reel and a spool or two. And no open water diver with a potential deco obligation or an ascent with no an anchor line should be without a spool to shoot a surface marker. Halcyon has you covered with the rock-solid Pathfinder Reel (with up to 3500 feet of line) and a selection of Defender Spools.

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Most people will tell you that double tanks and canister lights are the key bits of equipment that set technical divers apart from their recreational cousins. A powerful, reliable light is key for diving at depth or in an overhead environment. It is key for communicating with your team. Halcyon’s Explorer line of HID lights offers a crisp, tightly focused beam and a rock-solid canister designed to minimize damage in the unfortunate event of a cut cord or damaged O-ring.

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If your diving includes either video or digital still photography, Halcyon Apollo Lighting Systems will bring out the best from your camera and housing. 

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Dry Suit Accessories

If you are serious about your diving, you will eventually own a dry suit. The longer your dive, the deeper you go, the more you’ll realize the importance of staying warm—even in temperate waters, a dry suit is essential. Halcyon makes a range of accessories, from P-valves to large pockets for spools, tools, and notebooks.

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Dive Essentials

No matter what kind of diving you do, you need a mask. And you don’t know how useful a Diver’s Notebook is until you’ve needed to survey that passage of cave you just discovered. You’d probably be surprised by the variety of diving tools and hardware Halcyon makes that will add to your everyday diving enjoyment.

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