Halcyon Dive Systems


How do you recommend trimming the excess webbing on my BC System’s Secure Harness?

During assembly at the Halcyon factory we use an electric “hot knife” that cuts and melts the ends of the 2” webbing. In the field, an ordinary pair of scissors will be fine, followed by melting the cut ends with a butane lighter. You may notice that the fine frayed ends melt quickly (or possibly even catch fire) and form small blobs of hot nylon along the cut. We recommend working outside, over a flat worktable where you can place the hot end of the webbing on the table and smooth it flat with the side of the lighter. 

How much wear on the webbing is acceptable?

Over time and with use, the Secure Harness webbing will show signs of wear at the shoulder and waist strap area. After a few millimeters of wear, the webbing will stabilize and will continue to provide a rock-solid foundation for years of additional use. The use of 2” webbing straps is specifically intended to allow wear without compromising the integrity of the strap.