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Replacement parts for my Halcyon light

Will Halcyon continue to offer replacement parts for my existing Halcyon light?

Halcyon’s video lighting systems can meet the needs of every diver, from the recreational reef seeker to the professional filmmaker. When selecting your Halcyon lighting product, you need to take into consideration the length of your dives, the environment you will be diving in, and any specific tasks that would require a particular quantity or quality of lighting.

HID and HMI lighting have had a revolutionary impact on underwater film and video illumination. These technologies offer greatly extended burn times over equivalent intensity halogen lighting. Divers can easily power high-intensity HID lights from a small hip-mounted canister battery or from camera-mounted high-intensity battery packs. Meanwhile, the notably enhanced intensity of HMI lighting requires a larger battery pack. HID and HMI lighting provide much improved color temperature over halogen, approaching the color temperature of sunlight. HID and HMI technologies are very similar, though the greater intensity of HMI together with its enhanced and more consistent color temperature make it a favorite among professional videographers.

With respect to HID technology, individuals may choose from entry-level single and dual 21-watt HID light heads. Meanwhile, single or dual 50-watt HID light heads are the preferred lights for serious amateurs or seasoned professionals. Meanwhile, the Halcyon 200-watt HMI is a favorite among professional videographers seeking the ultimate in portable, high-quality underwater lighting.