Halcyon Dive Systems

Perfectly Engineered

The Halcyon buoyancy compensator is the most efficient diving system ever constructed. Our infinitely adjustable harness offers a precise fit and is carefully designed.


Light it up

Halcyon offers a primary light for every occasion. Whether you are a recreational diver, or a technical explorer, we have high-quality underwater lighting to support your diving goals!

Guideline Diver.png

Lead The Way

Halcyon offers several multifunctional guideline devices that can be used for anything from deploying a surface marker to pioneering a cave system that no human has ever seen before. 

The dive is the thing. We make the gear that we know will make diving better. It is knowing as opposed to guessing.

When you look up to your heroes, you shouldn’t be intimidated by them, you should be inspired by them.  
Don’t look at them and think, "I can never do that!" Look at them and think, "I’m going to do that!" 

-  D.Grohl -


 Photos courtesy of JP Bresser, Andreas Hagberg, and Kirill Egorov.